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About Us


Since 2010, Krow Fischer, psychic medium and deep trance channel, and Wendy Murdoch, intuitive healer, have been meeting with The Council of Elders, a dedicated spiritual group of advisors, to ask those important questions that we all have.
 We followed the interests of our patrons and our own curiosity as well as clearing up misunderstandings that have plagued humanity for centuries.
 Tapping into the Quantum fields of knowledge through the gift of connection with The Council, we have amassed an incredible library of deep wisdom that is unique & refreshingly sensible.
All the big questions that have been pondered about life & the universe, why are we here, and what is 'here' anyway, have been crafted into our monthly recorded collection, a Universal University of mini-courses on life and all that is. 
 The curiosities we have wondered about and the many esoteric speculations that have piqued our interest over the years have been discussed & recorded for our further education & collective awakening.  
 Wendy and Krow work out of Oakendell Healing Centre in Warkworth Ontario, Canada... Here On Earth