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2011 Collection

Brand: Here on Earth
Product Code: 2011
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2011 Collection

Creating a healthy civilization takes decades and we begin this series with some good pointers on how to live well. Where we have evolved our civilizations from, financial health, our sexuality, our bodies, our psychic abilities, the evolution of our species, how to manifest good things and who from out there is visiting us are all explored in the 2011 series. We also explored other realms of the earth itself, of fairie, elf and yeti, and how enchantments and spells work!  A special bonus CD on Music adds that extra charm to a full package of inspirational education from our friends in The Council.


Bridging a New Reality

Sacred Sex

Ancient Civilizations

Evolution of Psychic Development

Gaia Consciousness, Devic Realms

Indigo Kids


Aliens, Orbs and UFOs

Enchantments, Curses and Spells

Body Consciousness

Money Talk

Elves Fairies, Yeti, Dragons and more

Music and Vibrational Healing

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