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2012 Collection

Brand: Here on Earth
Product Code: 2012
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2012 CD Collection

2012 Collection

Dreaming in our future, exploring stories of our past, understanding time and how it all works on a soul level begin the 2012 series. The terrible influence of the Draconian system, the gentle love of our planet, the influence of prayer, death and ghosts, how our minds work, special places on our planet and a special treat of an interview with Red as a personality talking about the Council of Elders make the 2012 series a real treat.


Imagining a New Reality

Life of Christ



Structure of Soul

Draconian Influence

Our Planet Our Mother

Crossing Over, On Death and Dying

Prayer the Best of Intentions

Ghost Gouls and Hauntings

Our Mind

Sacred Places

The Council of Elders

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