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2013 Collection

Brand: Here on Earth
Product Code: 2013
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2013 CD Collection

All the world's prophesies came to an end by 2013 and we wondered where we would go from here, so we start the 2013 collection off there. Unhooking from the past, what else is out there, what are we made of, what is the earth made of, what is it all about, what are we all about and how do we master our experience here? ..and what do we do when we are done here? Our pets, how do they fit in and what about our communities, 2013 was a deep exploration of the fundamental questions that they tell us cannot be answered. Well, the Council did just that with their usual brilliance and compassion.


Prophesy for a New World

Freedom, Unhooking the Ties that Bind Us

Civilizations of the Universe and Beyond

Afterlife, Life Between Lives


Rocks and Minerals, Treasures of the Earth


The Meaning of Life


Emotions, the Spice of Life

Pets, our Relationship with Animals

Personality of Places, the Soul of a City

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