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The Elder Years

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The Elder Years

What a topic. We recorded this a few months back to be ready for February on request from an Elder who had some questions that needed answering. 


We had no idea of what was to follow.


 In late January, where over thirty seniors burned to death in their building in Quebec, causing the collective consciousness of Quebec, Ontario and wherever this story ran to think about our Elders.

There was a communal mourning for the deaths of the elders who perished, and a deep compassion for the survivors and the families of these Grandparents. Also since the recording of this, both my partner and I lost our Mothers.

 So much of what I learned in this wise teaching has been echoing through my life in a deeply personal way since it was recorded.

I am grateful to share this with all of you.

May these understandings help you, whether it is for your grandparents, your parents or in your own journey through the Elder years.  


 1 Right place for Elders 

 2) Self Esteem and Optimism

 3) Elder Abuse

 4) Commercial Elder Care

 5) Working Seniors

 6) Preparation for Retirement

 7) Getting Old

 8) Physical and Mental Issues

 9) End of Life Decisions

10) Aging with Grace


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