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Fortune Telling

Brand: Here on Earth
Product Code: 1054
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Fortune Telling

The tools of the trade explored and expanded as only the Council can. How does divination actually work?
What is dowsing and why have we created these different methods to seek our answers?
Red explores the myths and the magic of Fortune Telling and warns us of what to look for and how to be a responsible reader in this 'in depth', interesting examination of
1) Why do we need divination tools?
2) Prediction or free will
3) Oracle cards, Runes, Tea Leaf reading
4) Tarot / IChing
5) Responsibility of the reader
6) Can predictions create events?
7) Dowsing
8) Crystal balls, scrying and mirrors
9) Palm reading and body reading
10) Astrology and Numerology
11) Automatic writing and Ouija boards
12) Augury and the Earth

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