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Gods and Goddesses

Brand: Here on Earth
Product Code: 1056
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Gods and Goddesses

This is a refreshing dive into the collective human psyche that explores our co-creations with the Earth, our cultures and societies and our manifested hopes and fears.
Why do so many earth societies have multitudes of Gods and Goddesses?
What is it about us humans that draws us to seek out supreme beings that we are willing to kill and die for? What exactly is a God or Goddess?
This is one of those layered teachings that the Council sends us that spins our preconceptions and deeply held beliefs on their vortexes.
We have a complicated history, but as we seek clarity we can make sense of ourselves and what we manifest here.
This is a brilliant CD, one of those layered ones that we will listen to over and over.
1) Origins of religious deities
2) What human need do they serve
3) Elemental spirits
4) From earth gods to sky gods
5) Physical gods and goddesses
6) Imprints of fear
7) Appeasing the gods
8) Cultural creations of deities
9) Taking form and opening portals
10) Present and future gods and goddesses

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