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Medicine Animals

Brand: Here on Earth
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Medicine Animals

Do we have a spiritual relationship with animals?
This question brings us to humility and wisdom as we are led through a journey of understanding of this earth in all her aspects. Red and the Council nudge us gently yet firmly, towards awakened understanding.
We are spirit here to learn and grow; right now we are learning how to co-exist in a harmonious eco-system.  These are our teachers. Listen up.
1) Our spiritual relationship with animals
2) First Cultures relationship with Animals
3) Animal Medicine,Totems,Guides, Familiars and Shape Shifting
4) Jack Russell Experience, Dog/Wolf Medicine
5) Chinese Zodiac Animals
6) Snake Medicine
7) Egyptian and Hindi Animal Gods
8) Are we born with Animal Guides
   Do Pets become Animal Guides
9) Birds: Crow, Raven, Jay
10) Do our Spirit Guides work with Animals
11) Insects: Spider, Ant, Bee, Butterfly, Dragonfly
12) Animals in Dream and Meditation
13) Water: Dolphin, Whale, Salmon
14) Connecting with Animal Medicine with Respect and Honour
15) Finding our Animal Medicines

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