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Virus & Bacteria

Brand: Here on Earth
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Virus & Bacteria
The relationship we as people have with the invisible ‘beings’ of bacteria and virus that make up our world is explored in this CD with really interesting results!.
Our physical, mental and emotional well being, as well as the soil and all living on the planet, are dependent on the relationship between bacterial colonies.
“ Billions of realities that all co-exist with each other, work together, create life, take life apart… energies that take physical form, that ARE the process of life.” is how Red describes them
The virus ‘beings’ live within other beings, and are often harmful to us but they also  can alter DNA, make changes and shifts in our collective DNA that may be beneficial to us as individual and societies. There is so much we do not know, so much to learn about being in balance with all, especially with the builders and destroyers of life!

This is an important teaching for anyone concerned with health and well being!

1.  Bacteria; Purpose and Consciousness.
2.  Role of Bacteria in Digestion.
3.  Role of Bacteria in Immune System.
4.  Communication between us and our Bacteria.
5.  Bacteria in Societies and Personalities.
6.  Acidity and Disease causing Bacteria, Farming, Imbalance, Black Death.    
7.  Immunization and Bacteria as Future Medicine.
8.   Beneficial Viruses.
9.   HIV, Herpes and STD’s.
10.Matching Emotional and Mental Frequency.
11.Healing Viruses.

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