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Personal Power

Brand: Here on Earth
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Personal Power

The ability to act, to do and to think for one’s self according to our soul’s intention Red says.  
Why do some people seem to be quite powerful & others appear weak?
What does it mean to be powerful & where do we get this power from?
Personal Power and how to work with it, is a pertinent topic powerfully presented from The Council of Elders’ very wise perspective.

1) What is Power
2) ‘Daily Fragmentation’
3) Source of Power
4) Tapping in to Power
5) How Power Gets Stuck
6) Responsibility and Loss of Power
7) Recognizing Disempowerment
8) Imbalances of Power in Society
9) Constructs of Power, Govt., Religion etc.
10) Finding our Voice
11) Right Use of Power
12) Imagine a Powerful Society

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