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Parallel Universes

Brand: Here on Earth
Product Code: 1067
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Parallel Universes

We are constantly birthing new stars, new possibilities, new universes!  Parallel Universes is an eye opening trip, giving our minds a wild ride through some of the  possibilities and potentials that co-exist!
There are multitudes of realms that most humans are not even aware of and this is only on earth.
This teaching takes us beyond our knowing into the origins of this universe and hops over to take a look at some other universes that bubble along side of us! Intriguing and somewhat mind boggling, this is an exploration of beyond the beyond.
1) Definition of a Universe
2) Is there an evolution of Universes
3) Creating a Galaxy
4) Realms and Universes
5) Starlight Dimensions
6) Is there an Original Source
7) Stories of Other Universes
8) Conscious Intention
9) Souls Emerging
10) Red’s Favorite Universe


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