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House and Home

Brand: Here on Earth
Product Code: 1070
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House and Home

How does a house become a home? How do we manage the energies of a house and how do we create sacred space? The Council tell us everything is alive including our homes! Our houses hold intentions and imprints, what does your house say about you? How can we make any dwelling a harmonious home? Well, Red tells us how!
If you live in a house, an apartment or condo, if you own a home, if you plan to buy or sell a house or dwelling this CD is for you.
1) A House as a Living Being
2) How to Choose a Home
3) Reclaiming a Home
4) How to Clear a House
5) Decorating with Intention
6) Feng Shui, Harmonizing Space
7) Homes Reflecting Unconscious Intentions
8) Recognizing When a Home Needs Clearing
9) Harmonizing the Work Place
10) Getting Ready to Sell your House
11) Creating a Healthy Relationship with a Home.

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