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Climate Change

Brand: Here on Earth
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Climate Change

Climate Change with all it's repercussion of war, famine and refugee crisis is the most important concern we face in our modern world.
There has been a deep concern with the rapidly changing weather patterns and a lot of fear for our future on the planet.
Is this a man made phenomena, a natural occurrence or is it even real?
This is a sobering discussion on who we are as a human race, spiralling through space on our delicate spinning globe.
There is hope, but there is hard work ahead and tough discussions to make. Red offers support, guidance and tools, but tells us, it is our planet, our mess to clean up and our responsibility.
It is time for us to grow up and take adult responsibility as a race of humans.

1) Natural Causes of Climate Change
2) Effect on Physical Bodies
3) Impact of Starlight
4) Common Fears, Ice Age, Pole Shift, Ocean Currents
5) Water, Land and Air, What is Happening
6) Turning the Tide
7) Solutions
8) Fossil Fuels  
9) Climate Change Refugees
10) What Can We As Individuals Do

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