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Our mind

Brand: Here on Earth
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Our Mind

We think, therefore we are, on so many levels it is ‘mind boggling’! Collective mind, ancestral mind, individual mind, we merge and blend, share knowledge and truth, as well as nonsense with all our relations! This CD explores way outside of the box bringing us into a deeper understanding of this remarkably crafted  ‘platform of consciousness’.

1. Introduction.

2. Definition of the mind and how it works.

3. Are our memories held in the mind?

4. Interaction of the mind with the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.

5. Is your mind your higher self?

6. Past lives and the mind.  

7. Connecting to higher self.

8. Who are the different voices in my head?

9. Distinguishing between group consciousness and self.

10.How to disconnect from unwanted collective patterns.

     11.The new mind patterns of the Indigo kids.

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