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Brand: Here on Earth
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Around the world people are rising up in a call for freedom, and rightly so, 

but first, we must all free ourselves. 

As we move into this new era, this new time/place in human expression, 

we asked the Council to assist us in understanding how we have been hooked 

into the patterns that have held us in the cycles 

of history that perpetuate the repression and destruction we witness today. 

With Red’s usual depth and compassion, he answers our questions and guides us 

towards freedom of spirit. 

You will never see the world the same again, and we think that is a good thing. 


1) Intro

2) What do you mean by ‘unhooking the ties’? 

3) An overview of our history to now.

4) How did we open to and accept this reality?

5) Healing the generations 

6) Healing the fear we carry.

7) Understanding the hierarchy system 

8) How to change the old patterns that still entrap us?


“This energy no longer serves you, and this energy no longer has a source, so all of you are having to adapt to a new way of being. The faster you can recognize and release yourselves from the old Draconian pattern the faster you can move towards the creation of a beautiful new reality that is in service to the planet and in service to humanity rather than being in service to the old dark lords of money and power.” from the CD Freedom, 02/2013

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