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The Council of Elders

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The Council of Elders

As a special treat we have an Interview with Tatananayaho about the Council of Elders, their role in the universe, 

Red’s lifetimes on earth, and a beautiful contribution from Mayanna, 

one of the grandmothers of the Council of Elders! 

This CD will also be available for purchase for our occasional patrons. 

The Council of Elders

 1) Intro

 2) Why are you called The Ancient Ones, and what are the Akashic Records?  

 3) How many are on the Council and how does it work? 

 4) Do you have a home planet and what do you look like there? 

 5) Do you channel through many, why and how does that work? 

 6) How do you choose the personality and the channelers you work with? 

 7) Life as Tatananayaho

 8) Do most of us know you from other lives? 

 9) What other lifetimes have you experienced here? 

10) How can you channel through more than one person at the same time?

11) Are there other streams broadcasting to Earth besides yours? 

12) Council of Healers, Musicians, Scientists and Inventors.

13) The Grandmothers, the voice of the feminine as told by Myanna

14) How can we work together with the Council and learn to access knowledge? 

15) Thank you to the Council from Wendy 

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